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Why The National Infantry Museum is a Must-See

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Nothing shows all of America’s history and war prowess like the National Infantry Museum. The magnificent museum contains over 240 years of historical infantry on a 200-acre track. It is a jackpot for history fanatics interested in exploring the role of infantry soldiers and walking down the history of the greatest nation on earth.

The National Infantry Museum is in Fort Benning, GA. It is the largest military museum in the country and among the fifth largest in the world. With over 190,000-square-foot of its walls dedicated to immersive gallery walls and captivating interactive exhibitions, any patriot or war fanatic will be impressed by the details. The museum also has an extensive collection of military weapons, uniforms, and artillery, detailed descriptions and depictions of soldiers’ accomplishments and sacrifices, statues, and plaques. 

The Budget

It costs a fortune to run and maintain this magnificent museum. The place runs on an annual budget ranging between 4.5 and 5 million. The federal, state, or local government does not fund the museum. Most of the money comes from operating revenues such as room rentals for events, donations, and sponsorships. Entry to the museum is free. However, visitors are encouraged to donate as low as $5.

Here are a few reasons why I treasured my time in the National Infantry Museum and highly recommend it. 

A Comprehensive Military Artifacts Collection

The National Infantry Museum has 240 years’ worth of artifacts and exhibits covering the entire United States history. I took a trip down memory lane, familiarizing myself with the weapons, uniforms, and equipment from every major conflict involved. I also caught a glimpse of the life of infantry soldiers. The museum’s collection is so comprehensive that it’s almost impossible to see everything in just one visit. 

Interactive Exhibits

The museum also features several interactive exhibits that made me experience what it was like to be a soldier in combat. I tried the “Last 100 Yards” exhibit, a high-tech simulation that put me in the shoes of an infantry soldier during the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia. The video simulation immersed right in the middle of the action. It was a surreal, nerve-wracking, and awesome experience. 

The Heritage Walk

The Heritage Walk was another highlight of my National Infantry Museum visit. The walk is a moving tribute to the men and women who have served in the United States infantry, honoring their sacrifices and accomplishments. It features a series of bronze statues and plaques that tell the stories of individual soldiers and their heroic deeds. 

The Giant Screen Theater

I also enjoyed the state-of-the-art Giant Screen Theater, which shows a variety of military-themed films. The theater’s screen is one of the largest in the country, and the sound system is second to none. The theater is a great place to catch a movie after a long day exploring the museum. 

Infantry Gifts

I also bought gifts from the museum as momentoes for the life of infantry soldiers and my love for military stuff. The museum sells tactical tools, boots, home decor, apparel, and veteran-owned equipment. Proceeds from the sales go toward sustaining the place. 

Plan A Visit Today

The National Infantry Museum is second to none. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn and have a good time. The cherry on top of my experience was the knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff and volunteers, always willing to answer questions and offer guidance. The volunteers include retired military personnel who gave a first-hand account of their time in combat. I plan to visit again the next time I am in Columbus, GA.