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An Overview of the Combat Infantry Badge

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Only 9% of young people are interested in joining the military, which means there need to be more rewards for joining the army. Military badges are a great way to provide soldiers with a focused goal, and it makes it possible to progress in the ranks.

One of the best military accomplishments is receiving the combat infantry badge. This is a prestigious military badge that is given to hardworking soldiers in the infantry.

So, what does this badge look like?

Take a look at this article to learn about this infantry badge.

What Is the Combat Infantry Badge?

The War Department created the combat infantry badge. You need to meet specific requirements to receive this bade such as:

  • Carrying out infantry duties to the best standard
  • Involved in the infantry unit during engaged combat
  • Be active in ground combat

To get this award, you have to be a devoted and effective member of the military. Members outside the infantry department, such as in Special Forces, are not given this badge. The circumstances for the combat infantry badge will be clarified by your upper-ranking officials.

So, you’ll be given the badge for your service if you’ve proven the skills and been through ground combat.

How to Spot a Combat Infantry Badge

Even though the badge was initially intended to honor war veterans from World War II, the design has not faded over time. You can spot this badge from its unique appearance of silver and blue details. The central motif is a long gun on a blue background which acts as the centerpiece of the badge.

Behind the blue feature is an oak-leaf silver element, which adds a distinct look to the design.

This leaf element symbolizes the strength and character of soldiers in the infantry. The design has developed over time so that it can be easily attached to tops and jackets.

The conflicts and wars covered by the combat infantry badge are World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War, among other operations. Individual situations like soldiers who were in service in South Korea may have to file separate paperwork to qualify for the badge.

As the badge is old and has been established for many years, officials have to examine personal circumstances before awarding soldiers.

To join the infantry, you must take an introductory course and meet the essential criteria. All applicants must be 18-34 years old and U.S. citizens. Several tests need to be approved, and physical assessments are made to ensure you are safe for service.

Going into the army is about more than a badge, but this reward is an excellent motivation for aspiring soldiers in the military. It serves as a reminder of how valuable the work is for the country.

Resources on Infantry Badges

Are you looking to find out more about a combat infantry badge? You can find the best resources online, where you can also learn about signing up for service.

You can read about the infantry creed and other aspects of joining this department.

Military badges are excellent for inspiring soldiers and reminding society of all troops’ sacrifices.