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What Is the 2nd Infantry Division?

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With its soldiers having received 40 medals of honor, the 2nd Infantry Division is one of the most decorated divisions in the USA. It has a long and storied history as one of the most important military groups. Although what is it, and how did it earn this acclaim?

Below, I have brought together information about this infantry division. This allows you to find out more about what it continues to do around the world to this day.

Founding During World War I

The 2nd Infantry Division came to be in 1917 and was first created in France rather than the United States. This came out of the demands of creating organized fighting forces on the fronts of the Great War.

French forces initially had concerns about the state of training of this division. Despite these worries, they succeeded in hard-fought battles across Europe at the time.

After the war, many military divisions including this one returned to the United States. There, they continued to remain in service while most others disbanded.

World War II

After training in the United Kingdom, the 2nd Infantry Division landed on Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944.

From there, they took part in many offensives until the end of the war in 1945.

The Korean War

The 2nd Infantry Division was the first military unit to reach Korea during the outbreak of the Korean War. It suffered heavy losses during this time and was eventually removed from combat.

After the war, the division was ordered to remain and train the armies of South Korea.

Constant Readiness

In the years following the Korean War, the division hopped between various locations until heading back to the peninsula in 1965.

There, they watched over the demilitarized zone and have had a presence ever since.

War on Terror

In the early 21st century, several units transferred to the Iraq War, and from there into Afghanistan. They remained for around ten years until returning to South Korea.

What They Do Today

To this day, the bulk of the 2nd Infantry Division continues to station in South Korea. Brigades exist elsewhere with their insignia, but the commander of the division only has command over the units in the Republic of Korea.

Many of the forces in Korea are now filled by forces who travel to that country for deployments of only nine months. This helps bolster forces and keeps troops on alert across the world.

More Than Only the 2nd Infantry Division

From this article, you should have a much more comprehensive idea of why the 2nd infantry division is necessary. It works for the protection of US interests around the world. It is only one part of the military, though, and more divisions the world over do their part to provide safety for the American people.

I write more about these infantry groups and many more on our site. By researching what it means to be a part of these groups, you can earn more of an appreciation for their hard work. So, check out more of the articles today.